30272We are a locally owned, family run slaughter house specializing in custom processing. Our goal is to find year round growers that are in need of our services. We opened this plant in 1996 and have reinvested the profits to update equipment and facility.

You may see our name on boxes in the Seven Feathers kitchen as we process for several local growers.

Some of the growers we have processed for

  • Umpqua Valley Lamb
  • Novy Grassfed Beef
  • Emerald Hills Beef
  • Knee Deep Cattle Co.
  • Seasons Peak Grassfed Beef

Our facility is large enough to perform quality work yet small enough to give the personal touch needed to private label your product to your specification.

Beef Jerky

Snuggled in a little valley along the Mohawk River is a small, family owned meat shop. After many years of trial and error, Dave decided his locally famous Beef Jerky is finally ready to let the rest of the world experience.

No fancy mechanical ‘thingamajigs’ around here. All our meats are hand trimmed, sliced and mixed with the freshest spices.

Every rack placed in the smokehouse is hand layered.

We take pride in our product and every package bears our promise of quality.

This USDA facility has an inspector on premise daily and is scrutinized by the HACCP program to ensure only the safest and cleanest conditions are maintained.

Our jerky is made with only beef grown in the USA.